Empire Of Dirt
A provocative book on the rituals of British Indie Music by "Professor of Indie Music" Wendy Fonarow, Empire of Dirt is the textbook you always wished your professor assigned you to read: rock & roll, sex and the guest list are explored in detail through the observation and experience. Read more...

Dr. Wendy Fonarow
Wendy Fonarow, PhD, is a Los Angeles based Anthropologist specializing in live music, ritual, and performance. Her expertise is in the area of the culture of indie music and American holidays. She is an Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Glendale College. Read more...

Wendy Fonarow in the news
The Indie Professor talks to The Guardian about screaming fans, groupies, Woodstock, and how Inuit tribes resolve conflict using song. Meanwhile, at the NME, she gets a rather splendid birthday cake. Read more...

Empire Of Dirt: Press
"Empire of Dirt is one of the smartest books about pop music to emerge from academia - or anywhere else - in years" - Michaelangelo Matos, Seattle Weekly. Read more...

Praise for Empire Of Dirt
"This book taught me a lot about the business I thought I knew inside out. I loved the 'audience zones' and 'trickster' sections, and I'm looking forward to the next book - on lead singer syndrome!" - Peter Hook, bass player, Joy Division and New Order. Read more...

Buy the Book
Empire Of Dirt is now available from University of Wesleyan Press. You can buy the book at Eurospan, Foyles, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Further Information
To find out more about Empire Of Dirt, e-mail Dr Wendy or visit the book's MySpace page.
Wendy Fonarow

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